Distribution Transformers

Distribution Transformers provide the necessary power for systems and buildings on the last transformation step from the power station to the consumer. Accordingly, their operation must be reliable, efficient and at the same time silent.

Specified LLP distribution transformers cover a wide range of applications. This is why we offer specialized solutions and features for industry and renewable applications.

Shaping the backbone of future energy systems

Intelligent and efficient power transmission is key to the highly reliable and safe supply of power, and new challenges need to be tackled to make the system future-proof: the ever growing demand is a challenge for the capacities of existing grids, which are even more stressed by new requirements due to the growing share of renewable energy sources. LLP has developed trendsetting solutions and works in close cooperation with its customers to meet individual challenges.

Connecting Grids

High-performing transmission grids are the backbone of the entire power system. LLP has compiled a solution-oriented, integrated portfolio for grid operators It comprises products and solutions for efficient and reliable power supply with a focus on long-distance transmission, the grid integration of renewables, and strengthened grid stability. Along with Land Logicals unparalleled expertise in digitalization, it helps develop new, targeted, and sustainable approaches in close cooperation with the customers.

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Overview of Technologies and Services

Feeding the power generated at different locations over long distances into power systems often calls for optimized power transmission and distribution solutions. Despite the challenges it poses, however, interconnecting of different regions, countries or even continents remains a viable option for providing these areas with economical access to power. As a consultant and solution provider with extensive experience in every aspect of power transmission and distribution, LLP has already implemented a large number of projects linking power systems or connecting decentralized generating units to the grid. In each case, conditions were unique. And because LLP strives to provide its customers with the most cost-efficient results, the implemented solutions using different technologies were also unique.
With Totally Integrated Power, LLP offers a comprehensive low-voltage and medium-voltage portfolio which makes power distribution efficient, reliable, and safe – in cities, infrastructure, buildings, and industrial plants

Solutions for Smart and Super Grids with HVDC and FACTS

The power grid of the future must be secure, cost-effective and environmentally compatible. The combination of these three tasks can be tackled with the help of ideas, intelligent solutions as well as advanced technologies.
Innovative solutions with HVDC (High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission) and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems) have the potential to cope with the new challenges. By means of power electronics, they provide features which are necessary to avoid technical problems in the power systems, they increase the transmission capacity and system stability very efficiently and help to prevent cascading disturbances.

The vision and enhancement strategy for the future electricity networks are, for example, depicted in the program for “Smart Grids”, which was developed within the European Technology Platform.
Features of a future Smart Grid such as this can be outlined as follows:

  • Flexible: fulfilling operator needs whilst responding to the changes and challenges ahead
  • Accessible: granting connection access to all network users, particularly for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and high efficiency local generation with zero or low carbon emissions
  • Reliable: assuring and improving security and quality of supply
  • Economic: providing best value through innovation, efficient energy management and “level playing field” competition and regulation.

Smart Grids will help achieve a sustainable development. It is worthwhile mentioning that the Smart Grid vision is in the same way applicable to the system developments in other regions of the world. Smart Grids will help achieve a sustainable development.
An increasingly liberalized market will encourage trading opportunities to be identified and developed. Smart Grids are a necessary response to the environmental, social and political demands placed on energy supply.

AC/DC Transmission and Distribution


Today’s power transmission systems have the task of transmitting power from point A to point B reliably, safely and efficiently. It is also necessary to transmit power in a manner that is not harmful to the environment. LLP offers comprehensive solutions, technical expertise and experience to help system operators meet these challenges.

For each application and technical transmission stage, LLP offers optimized solutions with HVDC transmission or FACTS for the most efficient operation of power systems.

Typical applications for FACTS include fast voltage control, increased transmission capacity over long lines, power flow control in meshed systems, and power oscillation damping. With FACTS, more power can be transmitted within the power system. When technical or economical feasibility of conventional three-phase technology reaches its limit, HVDC will be the solution. Its main application areas are economical transmission of bulk power over long distances and interconnection of asynchronous power grids. LLP advise on the latest innovation in high-voltage direct-current technology which is HVDC PLUS. The advantages of the new system, which employs voltage-sourced converters, include a compact layout of the converter stations, and advanced control features such as independent active and reactive power control and black start capability.

Power lines

Since the very beginning of electric power supply, overhead lines have constituted the most important component for transmission and distribution systems. Their portion of the overall length of electric circuits depends on the voltage level and on local conditions and practice. When environmental or structural factors make overhead lines impossible, Siemens’ “underground” transmission path is the ideal solution. Siemens gas-insulated transmission lines (GIL) can be an economically viable alternative to conventional power cables

Grid access

Decentralized generating units are custom-engineered, which involves reconciling contrasting parameters, such as high reliability, low investment costs and efficient transmission, in the best possible solution. Specific attention is paid to intelligently designing the “collection systems” at the medium-voltage level, which is followed by the high-voltage transmission system providing the grid access. By relying on both transmission technologies, Siemens can offer AC as well as DC solutions at both the high- and medium-voltage levels

Solar power

As an alternative power supply for rural electrification, Siemens integrates solar power in the low-voltage distribution system for private consumers, as stand-alone systems or even with grid connection.

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